The following courses will be taught to help you truly appreciate what the Chinese language has to offer. Our teaching methods are extremely varied to make sure everyone stays as engaged as possible in our lessons. That’s why we incorporate games, drawing, songs and other fun activities into our lessons. These lessons will be taught by teachers who have several years experience with teaching under 18s.

Reading & Writing Classes

Campers will learn how to write and recognise Chinese characters. With a focus on most commonly used characters, campers will be able to read in no time. They’ll be able to recognise shop names, read a menu and write basic characters. 

Chinese in practice 

In this class, practising and improving speaking is the main aim. A different topic will be discussed each lesson, ranging from introductions to birthdays and everything in between. Campers will also listen to simple Chinese songs and dialogues to practice listening skills. Topic Classes focus on real-life Chinese, increasing vocabulary knowledge, improving pronunciation and listening skills, and developing spoken fluency in Chinese.